Sodium nitrite

【Product name】 Sodium Nitrite

【Molecular formula】 NaNO2


【HS code】283410000

【Quality standards】






white powdery crystal

Chloride (dry, NACL)


Purity (dry)


Sodium Nitrate (as dry NaNO2)




Water insoluble matter


【Properties】Sodium nitrite (NaNO2), Commonly known as nitrite, the nitrite ion with sodium ion and the generated salts. Sodium nitrite deliquescence, soluble in water and liquid ammonia, and its aqueous solution is alkaline, the pH was about 9, and slightly soluble in ethanol, methanol, ether and other organic solvents. Sodium nitrite salt, is used to make fake salt. Sodium nitrite Sodium Nitrate react with oxygen exposed to the air is heated to above 320 ℃, decomposition, generate oxygen, and nitrogen oxide and sodium oxide. contact with organic combustible explosion of the goods and meat products of myoglobin, hemoglobin generates bright, bright red nitroso myoglobin or nitroso hemoglobin color protection, they can still produce bacon the special flavor.

【Uses】 bleach agent of silk and linen,, heat treatment agent of metals; corrosion inhibitor of steel; antidote of cyanide poisoning, analytical reagent for Laboratory, Used as a color fixative, anti-microbial agent and preservative in meat products. widely used in Bleaching, electroplating and metal processing , known as an industrial salt.

【Outputs】Sodium Nitrate 10000t/a, Implementation of standards: GB2367-2006.

【Grades】Industrial-grade, First grade

【Packing】plastic bag lined woven bag, 50Kg or 500Kg/bag.


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